Wednesday, 12 October 2011

To make a dent in the universe...

Have you ever wondered how the rags to riches stories really work? How come some people just get a break?  Pirates of Silicon Valley definitely make you ask yourself this question, in a thoroughly entertaining and amusing manner. Martyn Burke did an excellent job documenting the story of creation and,well...,rise to world domination of Apple and Microsoft. Far from being a huge fan of Steve Jobs' (and in fairness after watching the movie I am even less of a fan of his...) but at the same time you have got to admire the guy who managed to turn technology into religion... How do you make people follow you with devotion often bordering on insanity? Does it take a real genius? Hard work? Or just the sixth sense for very clever marketing? Can one actually make it without turning into a pirate and treating the distinction between inspiration and theft very loosely...After all, as Jobs said himself Good artists copy, great artists steal...Well it is open for discussion, I for once am very happy that I can just click on an icon on my desktop to make the computer work...


  1. How much of the book is factual Anna?
    Was there any artistic licence used in compiling the story?
    There seems to be a tide of religious fanaticism surrounding Steve Jobs since his unfortunate demise. Remember Mac-man he was probably crying his poor little eyes out at Steve Jobs departure.

  2. To be honest, I am not quite sure Paul how far they ventured on the creative side...Amazing story amyway. And the movie is definitely worth watching, and that's not only for the likes of our Mac-man;)