Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Change begins with a whisper...

Today a few words about an amazing movie I have seen lately ... I must admit I went to see The Help without too high expectations but came out of the cinema absolutely gobsmacked! And not only for the gripping storyline and Oscar-worth performance of Emma Stone, Viola Davis, or Octavia Spencer, to mention just a few! It was refreshing to finally see a movie about strong empowered women which manages to avoid cheap 'cheesyness' and moralistic tone! It will make you laugh out loud, it will make you shed a tear or two, it will even make you question your own inner hypocrite ... And above all, it will make you feel good, and make you want to make good things happen around you! All in two hours and ten minutes which you will not even notice passing!

I just wish that more movies like this were made so that little girls of today do have some role models other then self-obsessed celebrities famous for being famous or their perfect hair and not much else to offer..

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