Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Your literary taste of childhood

Have you ever wondered to what extent the books we read as kids somehow become a part of us and how much they influence us once we grow up? Have you got your special book that you just know you are going to make your kids read one day, whatever their level of enthusiasm might be...?

Well, this little sentimental moment was actually brought by my coming across the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling these days. Guilty as charged, I have read them, maybe without that thrill that you get when you discover, you know, The Book, but with let's say decent level of enjoyment. Undoubtedly, it is not the best book of the 20th century, but I honestly cannot comprehend where all the hostility towards it comes from...What I find absolutely amazing about Harry Potter is that one way or another it taught kids to read again, and to love it! Kids actually got excited about books, and I honestly do not care to what degree we owe it to Rowling's literary style or to some very clever marketing - it worked, mission accomplished! In my eyes, Rowling deserves every penny she has earned...Especially with her own story being so inspirational (and I do mean to use such a big word here...) - it actually is fabulous to see that our lifes can turn around so wonderfully, and sometimes all we need is just a little belief in a bit of 'everyday magic' ;)


  1. It is odd that it generated such hostility. I'd agree with you in that they are probably not "great" literature, but they are reasonably interesting and compared to a lot of other recent writing, are actually fairly enjoyable. Or so I found anyways.

  2. Well, exactly David! They are entertaining, even quite witty and funny at times, and in my humble opinion I quite like the set of values they attempt to instil in kids, especially as compared to some really odd, for lack of a better word, positions in the 'next generation's' literature..I can't help but wonder sometimes how much it's got to do with people really struggling to warm up towards someone who just caught a break and actually managed to do something constructive with their lives..